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Don't Let Life Get In The Way Of Living.


Fool - noun:  The Fool has an innate trust in the universe which allows them to follow their heart no matter how wild or irrational the impulses may seem.  (read more here)

Hello to all and thank you for visiting my home on the WWWeb.  My name is not important, but I believe what I plan on sharing with you is.  This canvas will be used to share all types of media and messages, while hopefully providing a catalyst for conversation, learning, evoke reactions, and even making you smile.

First off I want you say that while I look forward to diving into this training exercise, it is with both excitement and trepidation, as I know almost nothing about Photography, Filmmaking, Writing, and even less about Website Design and Development.  All which may become abundantly clear should you follow along on this adventure. Nevertheless, my intent is to forge ahead and be able to laugh while I learn.  I will be sharing stories, experiences, facts and fiction, reference information, and the tools of the trade of this wonderful thing called life.  While I learn on the fly, we will see how well my skill-sets improve if at all.  Either way another adventure awaits as I navigate these unfamiliar waters. 

One of the goals here is to prompt you (and me) to question what we can do to live a more fulfilling life and help others do the same step by step, one day at a time.  For those Crunchy followers, maybe even hour by hour, or for the truly ambitious, minute by minute!  Stay tuned for more on the crunchy aspect of this blog.

Now should anything you experience while visiting this blog prompt you to smile, feel good about yourself, appreciate someone else or their place in your life, I humbly ask that you pay it forward and help someone else feel the same. 

My intention is to create my own content while scouring the web for the interesting content of others.  I intend to use as much of my own Photographs, Videos and Written Content as possible and indicate that where applicable.  While I have a digital camera, I am going to try to use my phone for as much posting and media creation as possible as a testament to how far these little devices have come.  So with that, I humbly ask for forgiveness in advance as technical, spelling and grammatical errors will no doubt follow.

Let the ramblings begin and feel free to assist in this journey by commenting, Shopping or donating here at The Rambling Fool.